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Monday is also a day – Zeeland blue mussel season 2012 officially open

Wednesday 11th July 2012, 01:30 PM 1 comment

Monday evening with super nice dinner and a surprise dessert. Why not? Saturday after hearing it on the radio that the mussels season had some grand opening somewhere I spotted them in the local Aldi market. 2kg should be about fine for two people.

After scrubbing the mussels thoroughly and checking that all of them close nicely (“dispose off all broken and open ones that do not close after irritating them with a needle inside gently”) they got boiled in a delicate stoved ragout composed of typical soup veggies and fried (butter) onion. Usually it’s just onion and celery. The latter I did not have therefore the veggies – which turned out to be a great idea! Midway through the cooking I added 100ml cream and a solid dash of white wine. Parsley also, naturally! After 8 minutes boiling, shaking and stirring all mussels were open and ready to meet Belgian fries and deep-fried breaded courgettes.

The dessert was chocolate pudding with a secret layer of red currant underneath… Who is hungry?