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You do not always need to go far. We took our decision spontaneously and just before departure. We packed our tent, some camping stuff, go-pass and took off. However it was just for a weekend Hanne describes it in the Dutch text as idyllic.

As we arrived in Dinant, or particularly in Anseremme – a small village somewhat higher in the course of Meuse River, we went to walk up the forested valley of Lesse River (Meuse tributary, Dutch: Lesder) in search of our camping site. We left the typical flat landscape of Flanders behind – around us there were extremely green, deciduous forest, rocks and silently meandering river. We went a little nuts and payed an additional fee of 1.70 euros to place our tent in a special area just next to the river (read: 1m from the river). When the welcome drizzle stopped, accompanied by 30 starving ducks we put up our tent. Duck for a dinner – why not – we, however, chosen for a spaghetti. Before going to sleep we soaked our feet in the Lesse River and went for a pint, hot chocolate and a party of cards in the camping’s cosy café.

The next day welcomed us with alternating rain and a blue sky. A touch of creativity allowed us to dry and fold the tent and the rest of the day happily was dry. After dealing with the camping we walked back to Mesuse and Dinant. Having our belongings left in a locker in the railway station we begun with sightseeing the city of origin of Adolphe Sax – the inventor of saxophone. Among most interesting was the citadel belonging to a strategic system of Napoleon’s fortifications and bridges along the Meuse River. It is comprehended by similar installations in Namur, Liége or Sedan. The guide probably told many interesting stories. Unfortunately, because of his accent, I found it difficult to distinguish when was he speaking French, when Dutch and Hanne could not understand most of the comment in her own language.

After lifting a souvenir – a little intention candle from the local cathedral, reluctant we went back to Gent, where a new holiday job of till operator in McDonald’s was already waitning for Hanne.


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Right at the beginning of holidays, on a beautiful morning we got us in to a train to Brussels.

Museum of Natural Sciences.

Our first destination was the Museum of Natural Sciences of Koninklijk Belgisch Instituut voor Natuurwetenschappen – Royal Institute of those sciences. Since Hanne used to be a big fan of dinosaurs as a child – it was her dreams come true. For me it was a visit of more professional interest.

The main attraction are Iguanodons. The skeletons of animals which weighted up to 4 tons and reached the length of 10 meters make a big impression, indeed.