About Hanne & Bronek

Monday 14th November 2016, 09:09 AM

Bronek & Hanne are a Polish – Belgian couple. Hanne Van obberghen is textile designer. Bronek Gracz – architect currently busy at eld in Antwerp. They used to live together in Gent in East Flanders, Belgium and will very soon do it again. They got to know each other in 2007 on a haloween party also in Gent. Bronek was then ‘erasmus’ in Sint-Lucas School of Architecture and Hanne regular student in Sint-Lucas Pictoral Art Department. They both speak at least three languages. NOT everybody can do that so their blog is as multilingual as time allows them to make it so. The blog is to present the funny or interesting events of their lifes to other people. Share what cannot be shared easily over distance or due to lack of time.

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