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Missing pictures from Poland – September 2009

Wednesday 27th January 2010, 09:25 PM No comments

Here are the long missing pictures from Hanne’s parents visit to Poland. As a bonus first goes the picture of my mother and Hanne on freshly refurbished DÄ…browskiego square. There is a new fountain over there, although not visible in the picture.

Then there are group photos from on our terrace: me, Hanne, parents of both of us and some of our animals. It was an official meeting. 😉 The later story is a picture of Hanne and Nicole, her mother from in front of Anatewka, the nice jewish restaurant in Łódź where we ate dinner on the first day, when Hanne’s parents arrived. However, André felt sick after the long trip and stayed at the hotel.

As the trip of parents consisted of two parts one in Łódź and one i Warsaw, Hanne and I we drove them to Warsaw after 3 wonderful days in my hometown. On our way we dropped in The Arboretum, a sort of jardin botanique for trees only, run by the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Here on the vast area of ~55 hectares of land you can experience a wonderful variety of forestal landscapes from around the world. There is also a unique, so called rock garden presenting alpine flora. On the last picture you may see Mr Van obberghen tasting a polish beer after a lunch we had on a national road next to arboretum. As far as I remember we had a complete lunch over there for as much as €8 – cheap even as for Poland.